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About Us

A private community, starting in Phoenix, Arizona, quickly grew to over a thousand members with more than 300 weekly experiences, hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars in business ventures generated, with robust professional and personal relationships developed along the way. Since 2019 M3Linked™ has been taking that winning formula and scaling it for National expansion so that entrepreneurs around the country have the same opportunity to get involved with these communities. M3Linked™ allows you to Connect, Energize and Grow by cultivating and deepening key relationships, developing targeted alliances of business communities, and discovering relevant, innovative mentors and masterminds.

The M3Linked™ communities host CEOs, Inventors, Investors, Startups, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and so much more. Our members cover a wide range of talents from experienced millionaires, celebrities, and athletes to startups in their nascent stages. Our members gather at various M3Linked™ experiences to receive inspiration and support that encourages and pushes them to the top of their industry's cutting edge. There are also many members in the development or incubator stages, finding mentorship, investors, and other support systems within our communities. M3Linked™ contains various experts in fields of intellectual property, business development and management, marketing, and funding; virtually anything you might need to move the needle for your business.

Our Core Values & Focus

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs that our organization and the M3Linked™ communities are built on. These guiding principles dictate behavior and help our members understand the difference between right and wrong by creating an unwavering guide.

Our passion is to build communities of entrepreneurs that promote personal and professional growth through a proven approach of unique experiences, impactful relationships, and an abundance of opportunities.

M3Linked™ looks for all staff and community members to:

Be a Giver

  • Must look to provide value before receiving anything
  • Genuinely get a high from helping people

Be Impactful

  • Do what you say
  • Fully deliver
  • It is ok to say no
  • Finish what you start

Be Energizing

  • Authentic
  • Hungry for achievement
  • Encourage individual ability and creativity

Be an Example

  • No arrogance
  • Know your stuff
  • Be vulnerable – exhibits modesty and humility alongside confidence