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  • Build a Community

    Our vision is to “To revolutionize business by creating communities of innovative entrepreneurs in a collaborative and energized environment.”

    Area Developers spend their time surrounded by positive, high energy and highly motivated Entrepreneurs. 

You will be a great fit for our team if:

You have been a successful serial entrepreneur, are a former executive ready for your next big opportunity, or experienced business coach.

  • You have a demonstrated history of success in your endeavors. You are looking for a big white-collar opportunity.
  • You enjoy leading successful business people and other entrepreneurs in their search for ways to grow their business and enjoy life to the fullest. You want to have fun in your business!
  • People would describe you in this way; “I like myself better when I’m with you." Or “You motivate me to be a better person.”

It’s the Perfect Business!

  • Low startup cost
  • Work from home
  • Proven systems and processes
  • No set hours
  • Low overhead
  • No experience needed
  • Proven Success
  • No real estate (owned or leased)
  • No employees

What is M3Linked™?

It is a private, invitation-only community of Entrepreneurs supporting each other with referrals, ideas, mentoring, funding, mastermind and more.


M3Linked™ Experiences:


There are 3 parts to the weekly M3Forum™ meetings:

  • Arrival – Members and guests meet, connect, get energized, and brainstorm ways to help each other.
  • Introductions and Presentations – Each member and guest is expertly introduced, and is then given 60 seconds to present their M3 – Mastered, Mission, Motivated (M3Linked™ proprietary M3 methodology).
  • Breakout –Your opportunity to connect, collaborate, and begin building relationships with the few people who can change your life or business, and who you can impact as well.


  • Each M3Mastermind consists of 8-10 M3Linked™ members dedicated to supporting you as you focus on growing your business and deepening key relationships. M3Mastermind™ Experiences meet for ½ day, once each month, with each Mastermind member sharing their business struggles or personal challenges.
  • All exchanges of information take place in an atmosphere of complete and absolute confidentiality, “all ways and always.”
  • Commonly referred to as mastermind, a peer exchange group, or forum... Napoleon Hill called them “the 9th key to riches,” and others have called them “the secret advantage of successful leaders.”
  • Napoleon Hill called them “the 9th key to riches” and others have called them “the secret advantage of successful leaders”.


  • Structured like community M3Forum™ experiences but on a larger scale with hundreds in attendance.
  • Featured presenters, founders, and executives of well-known companies, celebrities, entertainers, politicians, and professional athletes connect with members and find areas of alignment.
  • Breakout – Your opportunity to connect with and build relationships with those you have determined could benefit you by getting to know or assisting in some way.


M3Linked™ Community Members and their guests convene at a local establishment. It’s not Happy Hour, because this is M3Linked™, the place to connect, energize, and grow. We make deals and get things done.


Periodic sessions in which members make a presentation within their particular expertise, for example LinkedIn Training. Deep Dives revealed in this M3Linked™ experience are open to members and their guests; somewhat limited availability for tickets. Four experts in a particular field or topic present 15-20min. sessions with short Q&A following. Includes pre- and post-sessions where you can expect significant connections.


M3Tank™ is an exclusive opportunity for members to gain valuable insights and feedback on their new products and businesses. Founders present their ideas to a broad audience of experts and peers in a ‘Shark Tank’ format to receive feedback, comments, ideas, and mentoring. These Think Tanks provide the optimal setting for innovative brainstorming and idea development with a varied group of experts and peers. We take Focus Groups to the next level!


M3Linked™ forms partnerships with local professional sports teams and businesses where we can add value for each other. This will often mean opportunities to attend an event in a luxury suite for those members that are actively involved in building the community.


Proven Business Model

  • M3Linked's predecessor operated in Phoenix, AZ for over 6 years and has hundreds of members.
  • Processes and systems are in place to optimize the effectiveness of each experience with the utmost attention to detail.
  • An advisory council of members assists the Executive Director much like a board of directors interacts with corporate executives.


You will come to M3Linked™ Headquarters in Birmingham, MI for 2 days of training to prepare you for all aspects of owning and growing your own community. The training will include a mock M3Forum™ and will give you the chance to connect with all the people that will be working right alongside you throughout every stage of your opening and ongoing operations.

Support You Can Count On:

  • We will hold your hand throughout the process of getting your community up and running and then be there every step of the way to support you as you build your business.
  • We will assist you in finding the best locations for your M3Linked™ experiences and the best Executive Directors to be responsible for day to day operations.
  • We will provide checklists of the materials and resources that you need to operate the various experiences.
  • We will teach you how to have members invite guests.
  • We will operate the web site for your members and guests to register for events and experiences and remit your share of the revenue to you twice per month.
  • In summary, we will be there to help you establish and grow your own successful business.
  • You will truly be in business for yourself but not by yourself.


2 communities per market (minimum)

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $102,487 – $212,310
FRANCHISE FEE: $70,000 single community (unit)
$65,000 additional communities
ROYALTY: 20% of gross sales
BRAND DEVELOPMENT: 3% of gross sales


Veterans receive 10% off the first community franchise fee

If you would like to build an M3Linked™ community in your area please provide the following information and we will respond promptly.

This franchise offering is not being offered by us or by anyone acting on our behalf or with our knowledge to residents of (nor is it otherwise specifically directed to any person in, nor will any franchise or business opportunity be located and/or sold in) California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington or Wisconsin, until the offering has been registered and declared effective and an approved disclosure document has been properly delivered to the prospective franchisees.APPLY